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Jamie Gray

Chief Executive & Buying Officer

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Hi! I’m Jamie, an adopted Atlantan, licensed attorney, and social advocate. I’m a lover of books, tea, and anything to do with a planner.


I love God and people, especially the young ones, and I live to serve my communities in the ways they need it most. During the day, I work to help families find stability, and I love to explore and support Black-owned businesses in my free time.


My dream is to make a difference to someone, somewhere. And I’m ABSOLUTELY rooting for everybody Black (*Issa Rae voice*).


To be honest, I’m not sure when or why I started making a conscious decision to support Black-owned businesses. I probably saw something cute online, bought it, and then looked into the company after the fact to be pleasantly surprised it was Black-owned.

Since 2014, buying Black has become a much more intentional journey. When I was a student in St. Louis, MO and Michael Brown was killed, I felt helpless. I’m not one to be marching in the streets (although I celebrate those who are), so I dedicated my academic projects that year to police brutality or race relations or anything that was somehow connected. But it wasn’t enough. I saw on Facebook that year that people were calling to #BlackoutBlackFriday. At that point, I decided to stop shopping on Black Friday, or if it was really that serious, to only support Black-owned businesses on that day.


I know there are a lot of people who will argue that buying Black doesn’t make a difference, and I’m not an economist, so I really couldn’t tell you otherwise. What I do know is that I believe that supporting our people will make a difference. I believe that buying from our own allows us to shape the future. I believe that encouraging Black businesses shows our children that they can own their own businesses too.


I also believe that there are people who think like me. I believe there are people who want to support Black-owned businesses, big and small, but don’t know where to go or how to start. I wanted to change that.


Welcome to Black Girl Buying!

Joslyn Dennis

Chief of Other Stuff

Hi, I’m Joslyn! I’m the youngest of four siblings and have never shied away from a challenge. Whether it was being the first to get into the bathroom to get a shower every night or the one to secure the most coveted spot on the couch, I know the dedication, clever skills, and sometimes sacrifice required to achieve my goals. Despite difficult circumstances over the years, I will stop at nothing to make my wildest of dreams come true.


After an 8-year hiatus from the beginning of my collegiate journey, I am on track to receive a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. My ultimate goal is to fulfill the call on my life to become a physician. Currently, I serve as a virtual Executive Administrator and Operations Manager for successful woman-owned businesses and have achieved much success by marrying my gift of administration with the passion to serve & support people through their human experiences.


Dr. Mae Jemison once said, "Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations." And that is what I love most about Black people: we dream, we reach, and we achieve beyond the limits set before us. The world is as robust, rich, and beautiful as it is because of Black people and that is a cause for celebration and R-E-S-P-E-C-T every day.



Passion & Love

Everything we do, we do with all our heart. So, working with BGB means we feel very strongly and care very deeply about you & your business. You'll become a part of the BGB Family and will be afforded our care, concern, and love throughout our time together and beyond.

Authenticity & Transparency

Because who God created us to be is more than enough, we will always show up as us. From the attire to the service delivery, we'll be honest. The process only works if you show up as you in return.

Awareness & Grace

We are learning more about ourselves, the business, and the world we live in daily; things are not perfect; and that is okay. We're becoming increasingly aware of where things are good and where they need improvement and seek to bring that awareness—with love and without judgment—to your brand as well because we're in this together.

Imani & Progress

We believe in US with our whole heart. We can move forward, we can all be great, and we can do it together. We will work to become what we know we can be.

Collaboration & Umoja

I am because we are. We are striving to attain and maintain unity so we all win together. There is enough for all of us to eat.

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