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The Lip Bar | Detroit, MI | Update

the lip bar

I first learned of this Black-owned beauty brand when its founder and CEO, Melissa Butler, appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank. Melissa didn’t get a deal, but she definitely got my attention. At the time, I was not into makeup, but now The Lip Bar gets a LOT of my money.

All of The Lip Bar products are vegan and cruelty-free, have inspiring names, and look GREAT on all the skin tones. When I first started buying from The Lip Bar, they only sold lipsticks. In two years, they have expanded to include liquid mattes, matte lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners, foundation, eye liners, eye shadows, mascara, blush and bronzers.

All of the lip products are soft, moisturizing, and come in a wide range of colors from classic nudes to vibrant purples. With names like Dreamchaser, Hot Mama, and Bombshell, you really cannot help but to feel great when you are wearing them. You can’t tell me NOTHING when I put on Bawse Lady or Boy Trouble because I feel 100% of that.

In the summer of 2019, The Lip Bar introduced their first non-lip product with the Fresh Glow 2 Layer Bronzer and Blush. I love the way it makes my skin shimmer. Since then, they have revolutionized how makeup can work by creating their Fast Face system, which allows the user to create a completely polished look in seven minutes or less. Although I have not yet tried it, some of my favorite people in the world regularly tell me how much they love it.

The lip liners cost $10. Lipsticks and liquid mattes are $13 and lip glosses are $14. The Fast Face system — which includes foundation, blush, highlighter, face and contour powder, mascara, eye liner, brow gel and pencil, and a liquid matte — costs $99. Each component is also available separately, ranging in price from $10 to $28.

All of their products can be ordered online. Since I started patronizing The Lip Bar, they have also opened their flagship store in Detroit. The way my bank account is set up, I have not yet made it, but it is at the TOP of my travel plan list. The store has its own Instagram account and looks adorable. There are swings and counters for you to test out the products you are buying. It looks like the perfect place to spend some time with your glam squad. If you are more of an instant gratification lover, you can get your favorite Lip Bar products when you are aimlessly wandering the aisles at one of more than 400 Target stores.

Overall, The Lip Bar is my first stop for all of my makeup needs. I love how their products look. I love how their products make me feel. I love that new products come out all the time. I love their mission to remind (primarily) Black women that we are enough. I love that they have a line of lip glosses for your little fashionistas. And if that’s not enough, they had a beautiful color (100 Proof) whose proceeds went to processing untested rape kits in Detroit (I’m ready to start a campaign to bring it back). I think my only complaint is they don’t make their chapstick (cleverly named Club Soda) available for purchase. Not sure why because I’ve tried it in the past (through a mystery bag promotion they ran) and I loved it. I would totally buy it because sometimes a girl just needs a little moisture. Nothing fancy, just plain ole unchapped lips. Regardless, nine times out of ten, if I am going outside, I’m wearing something from The Lip Bar. I am a fan forever.

Happy buying!

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