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Credence Tax Services | Atlanta, GA

credence tax services

I found Credence Tax Services a couple years ago on Instagram, and this Black-owned tax preparation service has been a real godsend.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t do math. I can count money and do VERY simple calculations, but anything beyond 2+2 makes me reach for my calculator and an Excedrin. My dad used to handle my taxes, but with him gone—and my finances complicated by business ownership—I found myself getting anxious at the thought of tax season. That is, until I found Credence Tax Services.

Veronica L. Younger—founder of Credence Tax Services—makes the process super easy. In one or two meetings (or calls, in my case) she was clear about what information she needed, where I could find it, and how it could impact my filing. I was able to upload all of my tax documents, expenses, etc., to an online portal and everything was filed shortly thereafter. Quick and simple, just the way I want my taxes to be.

Aside from the simplicity, I love knowing that Veronica knows what she’s talking about. She has over 5 years of experience in tax and accounting and thoroughly answers all of my questions (even the ones I can’t articulate well). Our conversations are usually no more than an hour and I always walk away from them feeling more prepared and confident—not only about my taxes, but about my finances as a whole.

Credence Tax Services offers a variety of services for clients anywhere in the United States, including tax preparation and planning for both individuals and businesses, tax resolutions and audits if you’ve been contacted by the IRS, and tax advisory to help you make the best decisions for your business. These services start at $150 for individual tax preparation and can cost up to $5,000 for certain tax resolution services. If you need more touch points as a business owner, there are silver, gold, and platinum value packages available that can include quarterly tax payments, bookkeeping services, and even payroll. The investment for these packages range from $1,475 to $8,595 annually (with monthly payment plans available).

I am so glad to have found Veronica and Credence Tax Services because, when they handle my financial needs, I know that I have nothing else to worry about. And I am confident that they can handle your needs too.

Happy buying!

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