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lulus candle company

I found Lula’s Candle Company through a community for Christian entrepreneurs and I am so excited that I did. This Black-owned candle company not only has delightful fragrances with inspiring names and stories, but also has a powerful mission that I fully support.

Lula’s Candle Co. was created and named in honor of the founder’s Auntie Lula and works to be a beacon of hope to remember those who have been lost to cancer and celebrate those who continue to fight their battles today. As such, a portion of their profits are donated to support individuals fighting cancer and their caregivers. As someone who has watched so many loved ones in their battles, I love supporting companies and organizations who care about them and their families.

And while the mission to bring light to those in need of love, self-care, peace, and healing and spread awareness and support to those dealing with cancer would be enough for me to repeatedly buy from Lula’s Candle Co, I also love their products. The candles come in travel tins and tealights, but are also often available in larger vessels for promotional periods. Prices start at $2 for individual tealights and reach as much as $22 for the larger tins. They also carry various candle accessories such as wick trimmers and tealight holders for $12 and $15, respectively. Their room mists are $8.

lulus candle company
I bought strength, clarity, and joy to represent some of the things my Dad brought to my family.

The candles and room mists are available in matching fragrances, which not only have inspirational names, but smell incredible. Each fragrance—Joy, Abundance, Purpose, Clarity, Strength—is named to honor or celebrate an influential person and their impact on the founder’s life. I recently ordered Joy, Clarity, and Strength in the travel tins, and I am in love. I could smell the mix of the fragrances as soon as I opened the box. Joy is a mix of citrus, cardamom and amber that makes you smile at first sniff. Strength is a more masculine scent with sandalwood and dark musk that makes you think of the gentle yet strong people in your life. Clarity is my current favorite. Its light and floral scent reminds me to take the deep breaths I need to get and maintain clarity in my thoughts. Lula’s Candle Co. continues to introduce new fragrances regularly.

I have not used room mists much in the past, but Lula’s Candle Co. is changing that for me. I have a room mist in Joy, which smells just as good as the candle, and I spray it all the time. The fragrance disperses through the air and lingers long after it is sprayed, filling the room quickly and without many sprays. I love walking into a room in my home and being pleasantly surprised by the beautiful fragrance I forgot that I sprayed earlier.

I am so glad that I found this Black woman-owned candle company and will continue to support it for a long time.

Happy buying!

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