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Take My Hand | Atlanta, GA

take my hand

Take My Hand was founded by my Spelman sister whose stationery design work I had been following for years. So when she started Take My Hand a couple years ago, I knew I had to support this Black-owned self-love store.

Take My Hand offers a variety of products, all of which encourage positive mental health. There are t-shirts and hoodies, wrapped crystal jewelry, buttons, posters, magnets, and now a coloring book.

jamie gray take my hand

My favorite products come from the “Message to Self” collection. These t-shirts and hoodies are printed with phrases such as “you are worthy” and “you matter.” The best part is that they are designed for the wearer to read the message when looking in the mirror. It is so comforting, especially when having a rough day, to look in the mirror and see that reminder. Outside of the designs, the shirts feature eye-catching color combinations that are likely to spark conversation and are very soft and comfortable. All apparel is available from size small up to 2XL. T-shirts start at $16.99 and sweatshirts run up to $34.00. I’m telling you, they’re worth it.

In addition to the clothing, Take My Hand also sells wrapped crystal jewelry, which are available as listed on the website or as custom orders. Although I have not explored crystal healing, I know that so many people have and I appreciate that Take My Hand lists the benefits of the different crystals, which are all wrapped in copper with a leather necklace. The jewelry starts at $59.

The buttons and magnets in the Take My Hand store feature the brand logo as well as the statements from the “Message to Self” collection and are available for $2.25 to $12.50. Additionally, there are affirmation posters and posters featuring art by individuals with a diagnosed mental illness for $6. The newest addition to the store is a 21-page coloring book featuring 8 poems and 3 affirmations. It’s available for $10-$12.

take my hand jamie gray

I love the products that Take My Hand sells, but more importantly, I love the story behind it. The founder is very transparent in sharing her personal experiences with homelessness, depression, and bipolar disorder. And she is using Take My Hand as a platform to raise awareness for mental health and connect people to the resources and organizations they need. That is something that I will always support.

Happy buying!

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