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Body Crystals Co | Atlanta, GA

body crystals co

I discovered Body Crystals Co. completely by chance during a visit to Kupcakerie. I saw people bringing in items for an event, so I stuck around and did a little shopping. I’m so glad I did because I discovered this Black-owned skincare company at this event.

Body Crystals Co. offers all the things you need to keep your skin silky smooth and glowing. They offer a full line of body buffs and soufflés that are available in a variety of scents as well as massage and beard oils and a facial buff.

jamie gray body crystals co
Body Crystals Co has everything you need!

I have fully incorporated Body Crystals Co. into my skincare routine:

  • I use the body buff in the shower once a week to smooth out any rough patches that may have formed during the week—it makes me feel like I’ve just bathed in luxury.

  • I use the facial buff once a week and am still surprised by the way my face immediately starts to glow.

  • I use the body soufflé every day to keep my skin moisturized and soft.

I love that everything I need is also available in a variety of scents. I initially started with Solomon’s Song, which combines pomegranate, orange, and vanilla, but I have also fallen in love with the coconut, Grapeseed, and sweet almond combination of Eros. If you prefer a fragrance-free option, Eden is for you. Reign is also available and offers a “shea butter and coconut oil blend…infused with warm notes of amber and incense.”

Each item costs about $18 individually, but bundles are also available for up to $54. Honestly, I’m not sure an individual item will be enough—you’ll want more.

In the spirit of transparency, I became a brand ambassador for Body Crystals Co. earlier this year and have an affiliate code (BGB15) that will save you 15% off your order and put a little money in my pocket. However, the reason I was so excited to say yes to this opportunity is because I was already a very happy Body Crystals Co. customer. I love how their products make my skin look and feel, and I think you will have an amazing experience too!

Happy buying!

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