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Holly Hall Supply Co | Houston, TX

hollyhall supply co

I discovered Holly Hall Supply Co. when I was gifted some of their products at the recommendation of their followers. Now this Black-owned skincare line is part of my daily routine and has been for almost a year.

Holly Hall Supply Co. makes skincare super simple. Their essentials kit includes a face wash, a moisturizer, and a shave gel. You can purchase these products as a kit or individually, in full size or travel size. They also have an organic beard oil. And that’s it—no extra complicated or long routine, no overwhelming choices. It’s super simple skincare.

I use the Revitalizing Face Wash and the Daily Repair Moisturizer every night before bed. The whole line is dermatologist-developed, and I feel like you can tell. Both products smell fresh and clean and make my skin feel fresh and clean too. Everything is super lightweight and leaves no residue. My skin tends to be a little on the dry side, but a small dollop of the moisturizer takes care of that with no problem.

hollyhall supply co

I use the shave gel for my underarm hair. Just like the face wash and moisturizer, it is light and smells clean. I’m used to a foaming shaving cream, but I like using this gel. I can get a close shave without irritation, and my skin feels soft afterward.

It’s rare to find a skincare line that could work for everyone, but I think that Holly Hall Supply Co. is it. I love using it every night and am so glad that we connected and I can share it with you.

Happy buying!

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