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Kolor-N-Kiln | Pittsburgh, PA

kolor n kiln

Kolor-N-Kiln popped up on Cocoapreneur, a Black-owned directory of Black businesses in Pittsburgh, as I was researching Black-owned businesses in preparation for my upcoming trip to Pittsburgh and it looked like it could be fun. My best friend and I stopped in to let some of our creativity flow and it was a great time.

kolor n kiln

Located on the first floor of The Mall at Robinson, Kolor-N-Kiln is a bit of a creative oasis in a sea of other shops. The walls of the shop are colorful and covered with paintings and signs and all sorts of creative projects.

The outer ring of the store is for creating your project while the center houses all of the potential projects. You have your choice of medium—ceramic anything (plates, mugs, ornaments, platters etc), wood or mosaic (like a sign), glass, or canvas. We went with stemless wine glasses. We paid for our pieces, which came to just over $20 (after my friend’s student discount), picked our stencils and our paint colors and got to work.

kolor n kiln

We went on a Monday, so the foot traffic in the mall was pretty light. We had the whole store to ourselves which allowed us to really focus on our projects and get to know the owners, Alyson and her mom, who are super sweet. These ladies made sure that we had everything that we needed and really took the time to get to know us a bit while we were picking out and working on our projects.

Jamie gray kolor n kiln

I wish I lived closer to Pittsburgh so that I could use Kolor-N-Kiln as my creative outlet more often. In addition to their walk-in studio, they host events like ladies’ nights as well as private events like birthday parties and bridal showers. The welcoming nature of the owners lets me know that they host wonderful events. I can’t wait to go back!

Happy Buying!

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