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LowCountry Restaurants | Atlanta, GA

A friend came into town and wanted to go to this Black-owned steakhouse, so of course I said yes.


With a location in Midtown Atlanta and one (modified version) in Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, LowCountry Steak has something for everyone.

The location in Midtown is right on Tenth Street, but there’s a paid parking garage right behind it, so parking isn’t an issue. Once inside, you’re at a typical steakhouse, with a slightly looser vibe. There’s plenty of seating for couples or small groups and the soundtrack to your meal could range from Michael Jackson to Usher.

In the airport, you’ll find LowCountry Restaurant in the Concourse A food court. It’s much more relaxed; you can see and choose what you’d like as you move down the line.

Food and Beverages:

LowCountry offers a variety of appetizers, such as crab cakes, garlic shrimp, and wonton ravioli. There was only one soup option, white rose potato soup, but it was incredibly creamy and very well seasoned.

You have the option of five different cuts of steak and four different sauces. If you are not in the mood for steak, there are also fish and chicken entree options.

I opted for a dinner of sides. The options included all the things you would typically pair with steaks, like mashed potatoes, green beans, macaroni and cheese, and creamed corn. I chose lobster macaroni and cheese and crispy brussel sprouts with bacon.The brussel sprouts were light and crispy with the perfect drizzle of honey. The lobster mac was nice and creamy, but could have used a touch more seasoning.

I ended my meal with doughnut bread pudding, which had a chocolate caramel sauce, bacon, and honey cream. That plate was cleaned very quickly.

The drinks were just as good as the food. I am always excited when a Black restaurant has Black liquor and Uncle Nearest is included in a few of the signature cocktails. The ones I ordered were well balanced and very smooth.


Steakhouse food means steakhouse prices. Appetizers range from $10 (for deviled eggs) to $27 (for crab legs).

The steaks start at $59 plus $3 for your sauce. Other entrees average $33. Sides will cost between $8 (for fries) and $22 (for lobster mac and cheese).


We went as soon as they opened for dinner, so the dining room was empty and there was no wait. Our server was knowledgeable, made great recommendations, and checked in often enough, but did not hover.


LowCountry Steak was named the best date spot by Black Restaurant Week and LowCountry Restaurant is arguably the best place to get grits in the Atlanta airport. I cannot wait to go back.

Happy buying!

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