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Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours | Atlanta, GA

I have been a fan of this Black-owned restaurant for years, and every time I go, its place in my heart is solidified.


Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours is located off Howell Mill Road in the West Midtown area of Atlanta in the APEX complex. Once inside, you’re met with wood-topped tables surrounding the bar. It’s a very chill vibe, with music from some of our favorite artists flowing through the speakers. It’s a place that you can dress up or dress down for and fit right in.

Food and Beverages:

Twisted Soul boasts a seasonal menu of soul food with a twist and that is exactly what they deliver. You’re often greeted with a complimentary amuse-bouche–a small hors d'œuvre to set the tone of the meal. My favorite has been the chicken salad wonton.

Since the menu changes regularly, I won’t talk about specific items, but I can tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed every single thing that I have ever had here. The flavors are spot on, using the ingredients we grew up on presented in a new way (hello black eyed pea salsa!). The portions are on the larger side, and I always have something to take home.

The drinks also rotate on a seasonal basis, but there is a full bar, so you can get whatever you’re craving. The signature cocktails really complement the season with lighter, refreshing flavors in the spring and summer and warmer, cozy flavors in the fall and winter.


For the size and deliciousness of the plates, the prices feel reasonable. You do have to pay for the bread basket ($6), and other appetizers range between $14 and $22. Salads and sandwiches average about $14 and $17, respectively. Entrees are $24 and up, sides are $6 or $7, and desserts are $12.*


Whether at the table or the bar, I have had a great experience every single time I’ve visited Twisted Soul. You are greeted immediately by the host and the servers and bartenders make knowledgeable and delicious recommendations. To avoid a wait, I’d recommend a reservation (but it’s not absolutely necessary).


The first time I went to Twisted Soul was in 2019, and I take every opportunity I can to get back there. I love the seasonal aspect of this restaurant because it feels like a (slightly) different (but equally delicious) restaurant every time you visit. It’s great for a girls night, date night, group dinner, or solo dinner. Just make sure you come hungry!

Happy buying!

*As the menu is seasonal, these prices may change as the menu changes.

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