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N. Finite Hands Charity | Bolingbrook, IL

N. Finite Hands

N.Finite Hands Charity was started in 2015 by a small group of friends from the suburbs of Chicago who wanted to do something good for their community. What began as this group’s desire to feed a few families during the holiday season has expanded into this organization’s ability to feed families physically and intellectually throughout the year.

N. Finite Hands

Their largest annual event is the Joy of Giving which provides families in Chicago with a full holiday meal complete with all the trimmings. This event is a family-friendly affair complete with carnival-style food and games for the kids. Event partners vary from year to year, but N.Finite Hands always includes an educational component from financial literacy workshops to books. I love this event because it embodies everything I love about the Christmas season: generosity, family, and joy.

Jamie gray N. Finite Hands

On the eve of the Joy of Giving event, volunteers come together for the Pack and Wrap to prepare. They spend hours packing tons of food and wrapping countless boxes of gifts. Seeing all of the donations people have made warms my heart. My favorite part is when I look around and see all of the people who have come together to help make the next day’s event something really special for the families who will be attending. All I can do is smile.

N.Finite Hands stays active throughout the year with other community events. They have done a book drive to share with local elementary school students and a back-to-school supply drive. With each passing year, N.Finite Hands gets a little bit bigger and does a little bit more.

I love donating my time and money to N.Finite Hands. The organization—unencumbered by outside forces imposing guidelines and requirements —is growing organically to be able to support more families in more ways every year. It has been amazing to watch N.Finite Hands and its team grow and I am excited to continue to be a part of it.

jamie gray N. Finite Hands

In full transparency, my cousin is their VP of Marketing—which means that I do feel slightly obligated to support—but I can promise you that I would be supporting every N.Finite Hands event I possibly could even if she wasn’t on the board.

Happy buying!

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