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Young, Black & Lit | Evanston, IL

young black and lit

I learned of Young, Black & Lit when they participated in the N.Finite Hands 2018 Joy of Giving event, and I almost immediately fell in love with their mission.

Founded by book lovers in the Chicagoland area, Young, Black & Lit seeks to put books that center, reflect, and affirm Black children into the hands of local youth—for free. Since May 2018—through their partnerships with individuals and organizations—Young, Black & Lit has been able to give away more than 2,000 books for kids in grades pre-K–8.

young black and lit

In addition to loving their work, I love that they’ve made it possible to support their cause in a number of ways. As with most nonprofits, you can give a straight donation, but you can also support Young, Black & Lit when you buy a book from their online shop or at one of their pop-ups. The latter options allow you to gift a book to a child you love while helping to gift a book to another child.

As a book lover, I fully support organizations dedicated to connecting kids with books that can help open their minds and imaginations. As a Black woman, I fully support organizations that have been created to support Black children in the areas they need it most. Young, Black & Lit does both and I am excited to see how they continue to grow.

Happy buying!

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