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New Year Resolutions: Exercise More | Various Locations

Each year in January, my timelines are flooded with declarations of “new year, new me!” which is often accompanied by pledges to practically live in the gym. Whether you have resolved to become a gym rat or you just want to get off the couch every once in a while, here are a couple businesses to help you reach your goals.

Vibe Ride

Vibe Ride

I honestly cannot even begin to explain how excited I was to find a black-owned gym – and one that offered high quality classes at that. With two locations in Atlanta, Vibe Ride is best known for their high-energy cycle classes. Outside of the cycle classes, Vibe Ride also offers yoga, pound, and bootcamp classes. Each one of them will get. your. body. right. Let me tell

Vibe Ride

you that these coaches will WORK you! Every time I attend a class at Vibe Ride, even as someone who works out frequently, there is always at least one moment in which I am ready to give up, but all of the coaches are extremely motivating and the playlists are always good enough to help you forget how hard you are working and how long class is.

Your first class will be $10, but you can generally catch a free class once in a while if you just want to test it out first. Plus there is always a sale on. Either way, I’d say it’s worth it.



I talked about GrpFit a little when it was time to think about getting our summer bodies together, but it is definitely worth mentioning again. I was using GrpFit regularly, and appreciated the app for the Black fitness community it provided. I fell off a bit in the fall (but I’m back now!), and GrpFit made some much appreciated updates while I was gone. There were some previously some glitches when you opened the app, but those have been taken care of. You can now also categorize and tag your posts to make it easier for people to find things that are relevant to them.


I’m also a fan of the fact that GrpFit has an intern (hey Spelman sis!) who has started posting a blog to share tips and motivation for everyone’s wellness journey.

In addition to all the things I previously loved about GrpFit, they have also introduced premium features (for $9.99 monthly or $79.99 annually) that allow you to track the GrpFit workouts on your profile. I’m still a big fan of the lack of filters so you are forced to be a little more honest with yourself. When I post consistently, the GrpFit community gives me the sense of accountability that I need to stay on track with my wellness journey.

These are two businesses that help me in my fitness journey, and I hope they are helpful in yours too!

Happy buying!

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