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Purpose Patch | Kansas City, KS

purpose patch

I found Purpose Patch when I attended the first We Buy Black convention in August 2018. I was intrigued by this Black-owned hat company and have not been disappointed by them in the years that I’ve supported them since. Purpose Patch seeks to spread love with uplifting messages prominently displayed on their hats and patches, and that is exactly what they do.

Before I discovered Purpose Patch, I had a hard time finding cute hates that would actually fit over my hair on those days when it just won’t cooperate. But, not only do their baseball caps and beanies come in a variety of colors, they are all satin-lined to protect our hair. What I really love about the baseball caps is that they are all available backless for those of us with a lot of hair. Regardless of what my hair is doing at the moment, their backless hats can handle it and help make me look more put together than I otherwise would.

jamie gray purpose patch

I love that there are over 35 patches that can be worn interchangeably on any of the hats. They are all colorful and uplifting. So not only can I cover all of my hair, but I can easily swap my patch to match my outfit and my mood. They have patches that highlight a little bit of everything—creators, fathers, faith, music, mental health, and more. Whether I want to declare a message to the world or simply remind myself, there’s a patch for that.

Aside from great products with positive messages, their service is outstanding. When I met the founder at the convention in 2018, I was probably one of hundreds of attendees who stopped by his booth and talked to him. His passion came through so clearly that, although I had no intention of buying anything, I walked away with 2 hats and some patches. When I saw him again the following year at the same convention, he remembered me despite the very short conversation we had had the year before. Naturally, I bought another hat and more patches.

purpose patch

Although I haven’t ordered from their site yet, my trusted community tells me that ordering is easy and shipping is fast. Based on what I know, that doesn’t surprise me at all.

I wasn’t much of a hat-wearer before (mostly because it was rare that I could find one that could handle my hair in its natural state), but thanks to Purpose Patch, I’ve been converted. I rock my Purpose Patch hats and patches proudly, and I think you’ll love them too.

Happy buying!

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