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Sweetroots Hair Bar | Atlanta, GA


I have typically shied away from hair salons in my adult life because of my experiences with them as a child. But I recently discovered Sweetroots Hair Bar on my way to work in downtown Atlanta, and they may have convinced me to change my mind.

Scheduling appointments can be done online or over the phone. I typically make my appointments online and have even been able to get one for the next day at times. The online process is super simple, but does require a card number to make the reservation. Currently, there is also an question that asks you where you’d like your services done, but after talking to my stylist, I was informed that the only location option is currently at the salon.

The salon is not a bad option at all. It is small, but clean: 3 style chairs, 2 wash sinks, and 2 dryers. It has a cool vibe, with one green forest-looking wall and usually SWV or other 90s music playing in the background. Parking is a little sketch: there is street parking in the front but the meters don’t always work, so that makes me nervous. If you get lucky, you can snag a free spot around the corner, but those are SUPER limited and slightly past the shop.

After deliberating on where to park, the rest of the experience at Sweetroots is great. I, along with anyone else who walks in, am always greeted warmly and directed into the chair as quickly as possible. The staff are very friendly and attentive, regularly offering beverages and ensuring comfort.

Each stylist consults with clients and confirms the style requested before getting right to work.

Sweetroots has 6 signature styles that work for our hair which have cute and (mostly) empowering names. I have opted for the Around the Way Curl, a flat twist style, as well as the Easy Bree-zy, a deep wavy look. Signature styles range from $52 to $65. Outside of the signature styles, there are specialty styles (sew-ins, wig prep, crochet braids) and upgrades (trims, steam and hydration treatments, clip ins) that you can select as well.

There are a couple things that I loved about each Sweetroots experience. For one, the stylists made sure that that I knew exactly what products they were using and why. They were more concerned with the health of my hair than upselling me on services I didn’t actually need (but probably would have purchased). They also actively work on my hair the entire time, which is different than my experiences in salons growing up. It does usually take 2-3 hours, which is more than the listed time, but not once did they touch a phone or another client (and I do have a lot of thick hair). It does make me wonder how that plays out later in the day as appointments fill up, but I’ll probably just stick to the first appointment of the day so I don’t have to worry.

The other thing that I love about Sweetroots is that they care about the community. My very first visit to Sweetroots was actually because I was taking 2 of the girls I work with for Sweetroots’ back-to-school event that offered FREE silk presses to girls in the community for the first day of school. Sweetroots commits to a “Deeply Rooted” event that supports or gives back to the community about once a month, and I think that is a beautiful, and necessary, thing to be connected to the community in which you do business. That’s the type of business that I want to support.

Overall, I am pleased with my experience, and I am pleased with how my hair turned out. I will definitely be back.

Happy Buying

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