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Tees | Various Locations

Now that I’m done with my studies and working a “real” job, as my mom likes to say, I have to be more intentional about my clothing choices. Thankfully, my office is business casual, and of course, we believe in casual Fridays. I love to slip into a comfy tee and some jeans on Fridays (or even a tee and a blazer on any other day of the week), so I wanted to share where I get my favorite tees. To be honest, all of them cost a little more than I would spend on any other tee, but the messages are definitely worth the price.

Spelman College Bookstore (or any HBCU bookstore) Price: $11.95-$38

Spend any amount of time with me and you will quickly learn that I have a very deep love for any and all HBCUs (especially my own) and what they represent as institutions to shape and mold people of color. Nine Fridays out of ten, you’ll find me walking into work rocking a tee reppin’ my alma mater. I bought my first shirt from the Spelman College Bookstore over 20 years ago (yikes!) and it still looks good (also, I will never get rid of it). All the other shirts I have subsequently purchased are also good quality (so we’ll see if they last as long). I do hate that the bookstore is always so expensive for otherwise basic tees, but every once in a while, those $11.95 shirts are cute. Plus, my love for Spelman keeps me motivated to save so I can continue to buy the cute, more expensive stuff too.

Unbossed and Unbought Price: $20-$30

Because of my love of Spelman, and really all things #BlackGirlMagic, I also love everything about Unbossed and Unbought. Started by a Spelman alumna, Unbossed and Unbought celebrates women who are unapologetically themselves and unapologetically Black. My favorite part of this company is the 1881 Collection. The tees are great quality, and the customer service in incredible. The shirts fit true to size and are extra soft (read: extra comfortable). I also appreciate that you can find a shirt for all the magical Black girls in your life. I have given all my little cousins, nieces, and goddaughters shirts and they love them just as much as I do. I have yet to venture outside of the 1881 Collection, but I get excited just scrolling through the website (like warm and fuzzy + a “yasssss” in my spirit excited), so it’s bound to happen soon.

Price: $25-$30

I got my first shirt as a gift and loved it so much that I got another one almost immediately. Derrick Jaxn’s shirts celebrate Blackness, and often, Black womanhood specifically, so I am all the way here for them. Aside from the positive message, the tees are high quality and super soft. My go-to chill first date outfit includes my “Bookstore and Chill” shirt, a leather jacket, ripped jeans and heels.

Let me put on my “Black Girls Been Magic” shirt, a blazer, and a headwrap, and I turn every walkway into a runway. Between the comfort and the confidence, I feel as though I can never lose in these tees. Unfortunately, the tees that I have don’t seem to be available currently, BUT the ones that are available are super cute and necessary additions to my wardrobe. Trust and believe they will be purchased soon.

Black Lawyers Matter Price: $25

To be completely honest, there was a time that I wasn’t sure I’d be legit enough to wear this shirt, so now I wear it every chance I get. One of the best things about this purchase, aside from the fact it is really comfortable, is that the proceeds go to scholarships for law students. You really can’t get much better than that.

Clearly, I’m big on comfort. But more than that, I value companies that value me and the people I love, and these companies prove in their design, in their messages, and in their commitment that they do. That will always be a win in my book.

Happy buying!

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