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The Lip Bar

If I’m being honest, I was petrified of lipstick for many, many years. But thanks to a great friend, and finding this fantastic company; I can’t get enough and The Lip Bar is one of my favorite places to get it.

I first heard of The Lip Bar when its founder and CEO, Melissa, appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank. She didn’t get a deal, but she definitely got my attention. Once I got over my fear of lipstick, thanks to some encouragement (read: pressure) from a close friend and some good starter lipsticks from the drugstore; I graduated to The Lip Bar, which now gets a LOT of my money. All of their products are vegan and cruelty-free, have inspiring names, and look GREAT on all the skin tones.

Lipsticks Price: $12-13

When I first started buying from The Lip Bar, they only sold lipsticks. But not your average colors. You can actually find a wide range of colors, from a classic nude to a bold purple. The lipsticks are soft and moisturizing, and you really can’t help but to feel great when you’re wearing them. And if that’s not enough, they also had a beautiful color (100 Proof) whose proceeds went to processing untested rape kits in Detroit. Highkey, I would not be mad at all if we could get them to bring it back.

Liquid Mattes Price: $13

I was really excited to try out the liquid mattes when The Lip Bar released them. I LOVE them. The colors really pop, and they will stay on all day. You can’t tell me NOTHING when I wear Bawse Lady because I really do feel like I am a boss. And the newer colors, that are released fairly frequently, allow me to explore my bolder tastes.

Lip Glosses Price: $14

The Lip Bar recently released a line of lip glosses also. I am not really big on lip gloss anymore (10 year old me would die if she knew), but I tried one, and I kinda like it. It’s not at all sticky, and there’s a little shimmer to it. It also layers well with the other Lip Bar products, which I like. I’ll probably try some other colors soon.

Overall, this is my go-to place to buy all things lip-related. Two things I don’t like are that there’s not an option to buy their lip liner (I got it in one of their mystery bags that gives you 2 items for $10) and that they are often sold out of what I want when I want it. But let me tell you, their products are definitely worth the wait. If you’re more of the instant gratification-lover, The Lip Bar just released a line with Target (with exclusive colors), so now when you’re aimlessly wandering the aisles (because I know I’m not the only one), you can support The Lip Bar too.

Happy buying!

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