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APT 4B | Atlanta, GA

I think I found this Black-owned restaurant on social media (or maybe through Black Restaurant Week) and have been trying to get there ever since. I am so glad that I didn’t give up.


Tucked behind a row of shops in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, you’ll find APT 4B. Walking in, you’re greeted by images of Jet Magazine covers highlighting some of the culture’s faves (like Janelle Monae), a collection of vinyl records (the largest in Atlanta), and a beautiful space that feels both fresh and familiar.

APT 4B has a substantial bar area as well as plenty of table space for couples or groups. The decor feels modern, but not overly so. It has a classy vibe, great for a dinner date night or a girls’ night out, but also has a DJ, which makes it a little fun too. The music was loud (and popular) enough to be appreciated, but not too loud that it was distracting.

Food and Beverages:

APT 4B touts upscale southern food with a Caribbean flair and is designed—although not required—to be enjoyed over 5 courses. I thoroughly enjoyed every single item from each course.

The appetizer course has items such as oxtail hummus and island shrimp, which are both as good as they sound. I skipped the salad course, but there are options ranging from a traditional caesar salad to a more adventurous jerk chicken salad (with a guava vinaigrette!). Courses three and four are where the main entrees are found and the options make it really difficult to choose just one. The fried whole snapper is very popular, and I’ve heard nothing but glowing reviews about the short ribs. I chose the curry crab & dumplings, which also had fried Brussels sprouts, which was a great balance of flavors and textures. For my final course, I chose the brown butter chocolate chip cookie (with ice cream), which was slightly saltier than anticipated but very good. Espresso & chocolate crème brûlée and Ricotta cheesecake are among the other options that might pique your interest.

The drinks are just as good as the food. The signature cocktails lean heavily on flavors reminiscent of the Caribbean like ginger, passion fruit, hibiscus, and guava. The Le Burik is an adaptation of the Moscow mule with lavender and blueberries and is a great way to start your evening. For a less sweet option, the #sooncome will give you a mix of spiced rum, mango, guava, and bitters. If you’re looking for something else, APT 4B has a full bar that includes a number of Black-owned wines and spirits. I’m very confident that you can find a drink that fits your preferences.

One additional thing to note is that, upon sitting, you have an option for sparkling or flat water. The flat water we ordered arrived in a bottle, so I was concerned about what that would mean when the bill came, especially because there was not a price listed on the menu. There was no charge at the end of the night, but it was something to be aware of.


The upscale food comes with an upscale price. The sides added to your meals are either $5 or $7 (unless you want mac and cheese, which will run you $15). Most other things on the menu start at $15 and the most expensive entree (Island Seafood Curry) costs just under $50.


Everyone—from the hostess to the server to the food runners—was very friendly and knowledgeable, and working to ensure that all customers were having a great time. Servers or management were never too far but, also, did not hover or impede on the table’s conversation. This is the kind of service that I love.


I had a great time at APT 4B in Atlanta. I’m very excited to go back and would definitely recommend this for a date night (solo or otherwise) or celebratory dinner (whether it’s for a group or yourself).

Happy Buying!

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