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Batter & Berries | Chicago, IL

batter and berries

I have been hearing about Batter & Berries all year, and I FINALLY made it to Chicago and was in town long enough to try it. I went with my mom and brother and Let. Me. Tell. You. It lived up to ALL of the hype.


Batter & Berries is a cozy spot with a pretty chill vibe located in Lincoln Park. With about 30 tables, it’s a fairly small restaurant and the waiting area—located in the back near the kitchen—can get a little tight during high volume times, but you can feel that everyone is excited and ready to eat good food.


So, let’s first talk about how pretty the food is. Our server had a whole iPad to show us pictures of the day’s specials, and it all looked so good. Now, I was skeptical that our actual food would look even remotely close to the photos, but I was pleasantly surprised when our food was served. It actually looked like the pictures and was almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

batter and berries

Then we get to the taste. I’m trying to think of a word beyond delicious that would adequately describe the food, but I can’t come up with anything. Every single bite was everything I wanted it to be. We tried the Super French Toast Flight, which includes their four signature flavors—caramel, strawberry, blueberry, and lemon—plus the flavor of the week which happened to be Sangria. All of the flavors worked so well together on everything. As someone who does not like blueberry or lemon anything I could have eaten those pieces all by myself. The weekly special was also fantastic. I have seen pictures of the weekly specials since our visit, and all I can think about is making my way back to Chicago for more.

I also had some sort of lobster cake creation topped with a vanilla chai hollandaise sauce. I think I actually melted in my seat after the first bite. I can’t wait to go back.

batter and berries


The prices at Batter & Berries are pretty reasonable for what you get. Entrées range between $8 and $14 while sides run about $3.50. Definitely worth the price for the well-sized portions—I left SUPER full.


Despite the wait, even after using Yelp to get on the waitlist, service was great. The manager checked on us and kept us updated on our place in line, which was nice. Once we were seated, our server was very attentive and friendly. We asked a LOT of questions, and she was really cool about answering all of them. Also, the food arrived pretty quickly considering how many people were there.


I think Batter & Berries just became my top brunch spot. The food is delicious. The vibe is great. And they’re BYOB! Bring your own bottle(s) and order some juice to make your own bottomless mimosas (or whatever cocktail you choose). I had a great time, and I’m sure you will too.

Happy buying!

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