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Big Idea Food | Indianapolis, IN

big idea food

I may have originally discovered Big Idea Food by Marlena Banks through my mentor—this was a book club pick for her Business Bestie Book Club last summer—but finding this Black-owned devotional has changed my life and my business, and I am forever thankful.

Big Idea Food is intended to be a weekly devotional for entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and dreamers. But honestly, the devotionals are so short and so good that you could easily digest them all in one sitting. I am forcing myself to take them in small bites so that I can meditate on each and have some time to make the necessary adjustments in my life and business. Each devotional takes less than five minutes to read and comes complete with an affirmation, verse, further reading, and some loving edge-snatching from Marlena, the author.

Whether you need some additional edge-snatching and encouragement while you’re reading or after you finish, Marlena also sends out weekly emails that get you right together. I literally feel like she is talking directly to me every single time. She reminds me of God’s love and God’s promises and all the things God is calling me to do. What I love is that she does it in a way that actually speaks to me. I struggled for years, unable to find a devotional that spoke to me and my experiences, that I could connect with—and that wasn’t written by an older white woman. Big Idea Food checks all the boxes.

And if that’s not enough, you can join the Big Idea Food Tribe, which is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and dreamers. It is a space where (mostly) women can share and learn with and from one another in a way that is affirming and life-giving. It sounds like an exaggeration, but that’s the only way I can describe how I feel when I leave a Big Idea Food Tribe session. The connections that I have made in Tribe have introduced me (and, by extension, you) to inspiring women with incredible businesses and amazing products and services (like Lula’s Candle Co.).

Basically, Big Idea Food has been a real blessing to my life, and I’d love for it to bless yours as well.

Happy buying!

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