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I SCOURED the internet looking for a Black-owned tech accessory company for my Apple products and the joy I felt when I found Chic Geeks was indescribable!

Chic Geeks offers Macbook laptop, iPad, iPhone, and keyboard covers in a variety of colors and styles, so it’s very likely that you’ll find something to fit your aesthetic. They offer animal prints (crocodile & snakeskin), glitter, and marble. I chose the gray marble for my iPad and was very happy with my selection. It just looks so…chic. It clips very easily onto the iPad and has the smart cover style that doubles as a stand.

The Macbook covers come in two pieces and protect both the top (where the logo is) and the bottom (where the vents and rubber feet are) of the computer. You can choose from 33 different keyboard covers, some solid colors, some ombre, and some specialized for different applications (like shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator). The options for phone cases are not quite as extensive (I’ll have to wait for my matching marble option), but are very much in line with the luxe feeling of the rest of the product line. There’s a webcam cover and Chic Geeks recently introduced a laptop sleeve.

Chic Geeks products give an air of luxury and sophistication and the prices do reflect that air. Webcam covers are the least expensive at $10 and keyboard covers are $20. iPhone cases are between $40 and $50 and iPad cases are between $65 and $75. Macbook covers and the laptop sleeve are the most expensive, between $80 and $120, respectively. Luckily, I’ve always been able to catch a sale.

The customer service really starts before you even order. Understanding the different sizing that each device offers, Chic Geeks provides clear instructions—right on their site—on how to determine which size case you need. But if you order the wrong size, the return & exchange processes are pretty simple and straightforward. My brother ordered a laptop case for me for Christmas before I actually purchased the Macbook, and it was really easy to send it back and get the right size.

I feel like a sophisticated adult with my matching tech accessories. My iPad cover has been protecting my iPad through all the slips, hits, and falls my iPad has experienced over the last couple of years, and I’m very confident my Macbook cover will do the same.

Click here to find a new stylish case for your gadgets!

Happy Buying!

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