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The StoryGraph | Online Only

I was a BIG reader when I was younger – like a get in trouble because I’m reading when I should be doing chores type of reader. I really only kept track of the books I finished to earn pizza as a kid, but after finding this Black-owned reading list app, I’ll never not track my stats again.

I found The StoryGraph on Instagram and was immediately intrigued. I immediately downloaded the app and started tracking what I was reading. It keeps track of all the important bookish things: what I’m currently reading, where I am in my current reads, what I want to read next, which format I’m reading in, how close I am to my goals, etc. But my favorite part of the app is the actual graphs. All of the information is translated into colorful bar, pie, and dot charts so that you can really see what you’ve read in a specific month, year, or for all time. You even get a Spotify Wrapped-esque Reading Wrap-Up at the end of the year.

For big-time readers who like to connect with friends, family, authors, and bookish influencers online, you might be happy to know that The StoryGraph allows users to import their data from Goodreads. You’ll be able to see what your folks are reading, and participate in challenges with people across the app (find me, too! jgrayreads).

Pretty much everything you need is available on the free version of the app with no annoying ads or anything just because it’s free. If you want a little more, a paid version of the app is available for just under $5 per month and it lets you compare stats for specific time periods, gives you more personalized recommendations, and allows you to shape the future of the app.

I also recently discovered that you can log into your account online.

Graduate school dampened my love for reading, but it started coming back with a vengeance once I started tracking my stats with The StoryGraph. I hope it ignites the same fire in you.

Happy Buying!

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