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Boogalou Restaurant Lounge | Atlanta, GA

booglaou restaurant lounge

I was looking for a good place where a friend and I could grab a drink and catch up on a Thursday night, and, thanks to Google, I found it!


Boogalou is definitely a party-type atmosphere and you’re in for some good vibes. On Thursdays, there is a live band playing all the jams…and playing them well. From the vibes to the seating, it just feels good to be there. Get off your feet and take a seat at a table on one of their couches adorned with pillows or on a plush ottoman turned stool, or go for a swing at the bar. Literally. There are actual swings on both sides of the bar . If you’re not one for swings (I may or may not be judging you), you also have the option of pulling up a stationary stool or standing at the bar.

Food and Beverages:

While everything on the menu sounded delicious, I went with the Hawaiian Grilled Shrimp Wrap that came with fries and it was definitely the right choice for me. I love shrimp and pineapple, and the Boogalou sauce (whatever was in that deliciousness) brought it all together.

I sampled a few beverages that night which—shoutout to the bartenders—were all good and perfectly refreshing.

boogalou restaurant lounge


During happy hour, drink prices start at $5 and food (well, a single fish taco) starts at $2. Outside of happy hour, drinks are between $7 and $15 and entrees are between $10 and $22. As for portions, I was full after eating my fries and just half my wrap. For $11, I was very pleased.

Boogalou features different food specials (crab legs, wings, tacos, etc.) Tuesday–Thursday that seem like good deals. If you’re only interested in the lounge, ladies get in free on Friday and Saturday nights, and I’m always down for that.


Our server was friendly and polite, and our items seemed to come in a reasonable amount of time.There was a minor mix up when it came time to close out our bill, but it wasn’t a big deal and didn’t sour our experience at all.


Boogalou is where I want to start my weekend every weekend moving forward. Put me on a swing at the bar and I’m good. My friend and I actually shut the place down. Realistically, I know that’s not going to happen every time, but I would like to visit on a different day of the week for a different experience and to try more food. Boogalou is definitely an evening/late night spot (they open at 4pm and are open until at least 1am), but there’s brunch and a day party on Sundays, which sounds like a great time.

Happy buying!

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