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Herb'N Eden

Back when people were trying to decide if they wanted to boycott Dove because of a questionable advertisement (my friends were sharply divided), I came across a Facebook post about Herb’N Eden and decided to give them a try. As someone who was a loyal Dove customer for many years, I doubt that I will ever go back.

Herb’N Eden has all the soaps you need for your body (and your soul) to feel clean. There are about ten different flavor/scent combinations, and the soaps are categorized for different skin needs. Plus, all of them are natural, vegan, and only use therapeutic essential oils.

Mini Price: $0-125

Don’t let this price gap turn you off. There is literally a package to fit every need. I started with the FREE sample pack, which lets you pick four soaps to try out, only paying for shipping, which was about $6. There are also a ton of bundle deals, which will let you select which minis you want. The biggest bundle is for the 50 mini soaps, which will run you $125. The mini usually lasts me about 2-3 weeks.

Regular Price: $5.10-7

I just ordered my first full sized bar, so I’ll reserve my judgment. But I will say two things: (1) the full size bars look like the same size bar soap you would get with any other company, and (2) the flavor/scent combinations (which are also available in minis) are divine. Right now, my favorite is somewhere between oatmeal honey and vanilla mint coffee. My skin feels super soft after every shower. Vanilla mint coffee is good for the morning because everything feels awake. The oatmeal honey helps soothe my eczema. I’ve also recently been using the activated charcoal on my face and am pretty happy with how it looks and feels.

Liquid Price: $10.20-20

I have not yet tried the liquid soap either (I prefer bar soap). Basic research shows that the liquid soap collection is much more limited, with only 4 options. If I had to guess, they are just as good as the bar soaps, but I obviously can’t say that definitively.

If you’re looking for body butter, Herb’N Eden’s got that too. That’s not really my thing, so I won’t speak on it, but what I will say is this: I love that I can come to this website and decide whether I’m shopping for sensitive skin or something for my face or a stress reliever. I love that there’s an option (and a discount) to subscribe and have your soaps delivered on your time schedule. I love that you can start with a free sample pack to figure out what you like. I love that there are so many different options. I don’t love that you really have to pay attention to when they are shipping because they are often in a pre-sale mode. But overall, I’m really just an all-around fan.

Happy buying!

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