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PROBLK Health | Atlanta, GA

After a trip to the doctor and a recommendation for more iron and vitamin D supplements, I decided it was time for me to act like an adult and take some vitamins. So I found this Black-owned vitamin brand.

PROBLK Health was created by a Black woman doctor and her husband who have worked to create a line of high-quality, vegan, and plant-based vitamins. And many of them are gummies—that taste good!

There are 16 different vitamins to choose from, each formulated for a different purpose and have names that tell you exactly what they do. Currently, I’m taking the Queen Essentials, a women’s multivitamin with 13 essential vitamins and key minerals; and Drama Free, a mix of ashwagandha, vitamin D, and zinc that promotes stress relief and calm mood support. There are also ones like King Essentials (multivitamin for men), Young Royalty (multivitamin for kids), Wanna Go Nite-Nite (melatonin), and Gut Reaction (probiotic).

Most bottles come with a 45-day supply (System Reboot is good for a 15-day cleanse) and run between $27.50 and $32.50 (Livin My Best Life is the most expensive at $42.50). You can also subscribe and save about 15%.

I love that I can get the nutrients I need with a gummy that tastes a little like candy, but my favorite part is that 50% of the profits are donated to organizations that support Black health. We all getting healthy out here!

I haven’t been back to the doctor yet, so I can’t empirically say that my nutrient levels have changed, but I know that I feel better when I take PROBLK Health vitamins. I think you will too.

Happy Buying!

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