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I Don’t Do Budgets | Online

I found the podcast I Don’t Do Budgets , hosted by Sierra Howard podcast through the Schoolin Life podcast, and it actually has gotten me excited about managing my money in a way that nothing else ever has. It is a brand new podcast—launched in early 2019—but it is GOOD. I learn something new every time I listen, which makes me eager for each new episode. Here’s a breakdown of the podcast’s format and some of my favorite elements:

Review of the Week:

Sierra begins each episode by reading a listener review. It’s always something positive, but she gets so excited about each one, you cannot help but to smile. I’m not one to leave reviews (which seems kinda crazy considering the whole premise of Black Girl Buying), but hearing how happy Sierra gets with each one makes me seriously consider it.


After the review, Sierra gets right into the topic of the day, which ranges from taxes to traveling. Since starting the podcast, she has brought on guests with so many different areas of expertise within the financial sector to tell their stories. I honestly didn’t know there was so much about finances that I didn’t know (hello house hacking). Every interview covers a different topic and drops so many gems. One of the things I love is that Sierra is learning right along with me. She does not pretend to know everything and regularly references the page of notes she is taking during an interview. Sierra so excited about learning and sharing the information, and her excitement is contagious.

Things are just as good when Sierra does a solo episode. There have only been a couple of these, but I like them because they give listeners a little more insight into her life. She has discussed all the side hustles she has had, high yield savings accounts, and, most importantly, why she doesn’t do budgets.

What’s in Your Bag:

For every episode that features a guest, Sierra closes the episode with a series of questions that I think are supposed to be rapid fire. But people like to elaborate on their answers—and Sierra often comments on the answers—so it doesn’t always work out that way. Despite that, I like this segment because we get to see different perspectives on the same questions.

Although it is still growing, I know that the I Don’t Do Budgets podcast will be part of my podcast rotation for as long as Sierra is making episodes. She reminds me of my friends, so it’s like my bestie is helping me get my life together. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking to learn about anything that touches money so that you can get your life together too.

Happy buying!

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