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balanced black girl

Finding The Balanced Black Girl podcast, hosted by Lestraundra “Les” Alfred on Apple Podcasts, has been a real game-changer for me. Les started The Balanced Black Girl in October of 2018, and I found it shortly thereafter. Here is how she breaks down each episode:

Les starts every episode with a couple of announcements and updates on her life and the life of The Balanced Black Girl. I love that she is transparent about her own wellness journey and will share little tidbits during the opening of the podcast. Toward the end of her first year, Les decided to move from a weekly to an every other week schedule in order to preserve her own well-being while protecting the quality of The Balanced Black Girl.

Favorite of the Week:

This is a newer segment in which Les shares a product that she has been using and wants her audience to know about. I like that this segment is not always sponsored, so you know that Les is sharing things that she loves just because she loves them. Sometimes this segment is replaced with or followed by the Review of the Week.

Review of the Week:

True to its name, in this segment, Les shares a listener review. From the way that she reads them, you can tell that Les really appreciates each and every review.


My favorite part of the podcast is always the interview. Although her background is in exercise and physical wellness, Les makes sure to bring in women who can speak to various aspects of wellness: mental, relational, financial, and more. I love that these women are not necessarily experts in wellness, but rather experts in their field and Les is able to connect the conversation back to overall wellness. She frames so many topics in the wellness lens in ways that I had not previously considered . I had not thought about how financial decisions impact my mental wellbeing or why the food I eat impacts my mood until I listened to Les have conversations with experts in finance and nutrition. I love that I always learn something new and walk away from each episode with a renewed commitment (and another strategy) to take care of myself.

Listening to The Balanced Black Girl podcast has become an essential part of my self-care routine, and I am so excited to see what is coming next.

Happy buying!

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