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just add honey | Atlanta, GA | Update

just add honey

I shared my love for this Black-owned tea company at the end of 2019, but with all the ways the world has changed since then, it felt like time for an update.


You can find just add honey in the Old Fourth Ward and Inman Park area of the Beltline—not far from Krog Street Market in Atlanta. They have condensed from their two locations to just one (but this location was my favorite anyway, so I’m okay with it) and have expanded so that this location now houses all of their operations.

Although there is only one location and seating is currently limited to the outside patio, the vibes are still the same—the walls are bright, the air smells delicious, and the staff are always smiling. Walking into just add honey, you just feel good. There’s always music playing, and somehow it is always exactly what I need to hear.

When the weather is nice, the patio is a great place to work or hang out with friends. The covered portion of the patio provides good coverage from the sun and a beautiful backdrop of greenery. If you prefer to feel the sun, there’s another portion of the patio that’s perfect for that too.

just add honey
A ParTEA under the covered patio

Food and Beverages:

The shelves of just add honey are full of various loose leaf tea flavors, and I have yet to be disappointed with any of the ones I’ve tried. I initially started with the hibiscus iced tea, which was delicious with a little simple syrup to sweeten (I have a bit of a sweet tooth). I bought some of the vanilla chai to brew at home, and every cup was just as good as the one before it. Since then, I have had some of the most delicious drinks with the iced Georgia Peach tea and Honey Lavender Latte being my go-to drinks. Each month, there is a new tea of the month, and that’s always a delicious new adventure. While just add honey specializes in teas, coffee is also available, if you prefer.

just add honey
All types of TEA!

I don’t often indulge in snacks when I go to just add honey, but when I do, it’s always a great decision. The treats range from croissants to cookies, come from other local companies, and perfectly complement whatever beverage you’ve chosen for the day. My current favorite is the white chocolate matcha brownie, which says a lot because I typically don’t like matcha at all.

If you need something a little more substantial, the parTea allows you and your guest(s) to enjoy chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, and scones along with your pot of tea.


You can buy loose leaf tea to brew at home for about $5 per ounce. In the store, a drink will cost between $3 and $7. You can also have a parTEA for less than $40. Let me tell you: it’s all worth it.


First of all, Brandi and her husband are amazing. I met them at The Village Market ATL when they were vending. I was instantly comfortable with them, and they were super knowledgeable about their teas. Their staff also knows what they’re talking about and make great recommendations. Everyone is always smiling and willing to answer all your questions. It’s a really comfortable place to be.

On top of that, everything is served on a silver platter, literally. Whether you are staying to sip or taking your goodies to go, that part of the service makes it feel extra special.

just add honey
November 2020 TEA of the month, served on a silver platter


just add honey has been in business since 2006, and it’s clear they know what they’re doing. If you cannot make it to the Beltline, you can order all the great teas online and even participate in a virtual tea blending class. This is quite possibly my favorite spot in Atlanta, so you should definitely visit ASAP.

Happy buying!

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