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McBride Sisters | Various Locations

I came across the McBride Sisters through one of my social media scrolls and IMMEDIATELY fell in love. Not only are they a Black woman–owned wine company, but they are the largest Black-owned winery in the United States! This amazing stat got my attention, but their wine kept it.

mcbride sisters
The McBride Sisters Collection

This collection includes a Chardonnay and Red Blend from California and a Sauvignon Blanc and Brut Rosé from New Zealand. I don’t know much about the differences between wines from different regions, but I know that they are important. What I do know is that I enjoy the wines in this collection. I favor white wines, so I have not tried the Red Blend yet, but I understand it has plum, cherry, blackberry, tobacco and vanilla notes and I’m told it’s delicious.

The Chardonnay is a little fruity, with pineapple, pear, apple and citrusy flavors. I like to alternate between this and the Sauvignon Blanc with its grapefruit and nectarine flavors as my top picks for my book club wine.

There is a new sparkling Brut Rosé that I am very excited to try. I feel like it will be the perfect wine for a day party or summer afternoon.

The McBride Sisters Collection Black Girl Magic

I love the idea of Black Girl Magic printed in a big and bold way on anything, especially on a wine label. This line includes Riesling, Rosé and a Red Blend.

Riesling is my favorite type of wine and the Black Girl Magic Riesling is my new favorite. It is just sweet enough and is packed with flavors: honey, apricot, white flowers, tangerine, jasmine, coriander seed, guava and pineapple. It is delicious on its own and also works really well in a spritzer cocktail.

Mcbride sisters
The Black Girl Magic Collection – a great 30th birthday gift!

I am excited to try the Black Girl Magic Rosé and Red Blend. The Rosé is dry and touts aromas of raspberry and orange blossom, and a stone fruit and citrus palate. The Red Blend sounds similar to the one in the McBride Sisters Collection, with an added raspberry flavor, combining flavors of Merlot and Cabernet.

She Can is a special and new initiative from the McBride Sisters. Available in Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc, the wine in a can allows for more versatility in where you can enjoy your wine. Additionally, it is connected to the SHE CAN Professional Development Fund which awards scholarships to women who are working to develop professionally, in and out of the wine industry.

All three lines are available in certain Kroger, Target, Safeway, Ralphs, Drizzly, and Walmart stores across the country and the bottles are always available individually or as part of a bundle on the website. Prices are pretty reasonable, starting at about $17 per bottle and costing up to $140 for a bundle of all 7 wines.

jamie gray mcbride sisters
A glass of Sauvignon Blanc at the beginning of the 2020 quarantine.

I am not by any means a sommelier, but I do know that there will always be some wine from the McBride Sisters in my collection.

Happy buying!

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