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Mocha Pops | Atlanta, GA

Happy summer! I love the summertime for its longer days, fun-filled nights, breezy wardrobes, family cookouts, farmers markets, festivals, weekends at the pool and, of course, all the (judgement free) ice cream and popsicles! That’s why I was so excited to find Mocha Pops.

I was first blessed by Mocha Pops at the 2017 Black Food Truck Festival in Atlanta (yup, that’s a thing, and it’s divine). It was a hot day in mid-August in Atlanta, and I was looking for something sweet, cool, and refreshing. Mocha Pops delivered in spades.


Mocha Pops is currently a cart, and as with most food trucks and carts, it takes on the atmosphere of where it is parked. According to the website, Mocha Pops is typically parked downtown Atlanta across from Woodruff Park. It’s been hard for me to find them again this summer because of my work schedule, but they are working to open a brick and mortar store in downtown Atlanta (and Cascade Heights) soon.


You can choose from about 10 different flavors. A lot of the flavors have espresso in them (hence, the mocha in Mocha Pops). I’m not a fan of coffee, so I opted for the Peach Pineapple, and it was everything I wanted and needed to cool off and feel great on that hot day. I typically prefer cream-based popsicles, but this fruit popsicle was delicious. The peach and pineapple were perfectly balanced.


Each popsicle is $3.50. It’s a little higher than some of the other popsicles out in Atlanta this summer, but it’s not at all unreasonable for the size and taste.


The man running the cart at the Black Food Truck Festival was very nice and knowledgeable of all the flavors, which made it a lot easier to make a flavor decision.


It can be difficult to be 100% certain where the Mocha Pops cart will be on a given day because their social media isn’t updated every day, which is why I’m really excited about these brick and mortar locations. But even if I had to search all of downtown Atlanta (because let’s be real, all of Atlanta is a bit too big), I’d probably do it for Mocha Pops.

Happy Buying!

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