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Rosie's Coffee Cafe

So, I was looking for a coffee shop to do some work in and stumbled upon Rosie’s Coffee Café. It wasn’t really what I was expecting, but I am glad I found it.


This was a cute little place. I was initially thrown off because I thought I was going to a coffee shop, and this was definitely more like a restaurant. It’s small, with about 6 tables and the bar, but nice. It was very clean and felt like someone’s kitchen with wood planks running everywhere. There are also outlets running all along the back of the booths, which is really nice since I was trying to do some work. The background music playlist was also fantastic – Usher, K-Ci & JoJo, Boyz II Men, you name it. The combination made for a really nice spot to grab a bite and chill.


There seemed to be a decent mix of options. Breakfast is served all day, which is always a plus in my book. Despite the good breakfast options (shrimp and grits, anyone?), I opted for a turkey burger and crinkle cut fries, and I’m glad I did. The turkey burger was well-seasoned, and the fries had just the right amount of crisp. Everything was nice and hot when it came out, and the portions were a good size. I wasn’t super hungry, so I ate all the fries and half the burger. The burger was just as good the next day for lunch. I washed everything down with a sweet tea that wasn’t too sweet, but I didn’t need all that sugar anyway.


For the turkey burger, fries, and sweet tea, I paid about $11. As I was looking over the menu, things seemed to be pretty reasonably priced.


To be quite honest, the service wasn’t great. It took a couple of minutes for me to be given direction to choose my own seat. Then, I waited a solid 20 minutes before I got a menu (which I had to ask for). I had to flag down another server to place my order. She was very prompt in bringing my check, though (to be fair, they were getting ready to close). Everyone was super friendly and apologetic once they realized that I wasn’t being served, which was nice, but didn’t really make up for the earlier lack of service.


Despite my lack-luster service, I would be willing to try Rosie’s again. Now that I know what to expect as far as atmosphere, I’d like to give the servers another chance and also try the breakfast. The food was good enough and the vibe was cool enough for a second chance. I’m also interested in trying the Rosie’s Café that will be opening on Northside, but I’ll keep you updated on that.

Happy buying!

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