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I found Scumbag on one of my daily Instagram scrolls and thought it was the smartest thing I had seen in a long time. This Black-owned travel sanitizing kit is everything you need to stay clean and safe in these COVID-infested streets.

Scumbag comes with hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, face and hand wipes, and a cover for the security tray—keeping you completely safe and sanitized from the time you walk into your departure airport until you walk out of your arrival airport.

Everything you need to stay safe and germ-free while traveling.

I will say that, as someone who tries to take up as little space and make things as convenient for others as possible, the first time I used Scumbag proved to be a little anxiety-inducing. I felt like I was taking too long to get through the security line and that the tray cover was too small to fit Atlanta’s new and bigger trays. On top of that, my mask kept slipping and my glasses kept falling off. I’m sure I looked absolutely ridiculous. By the time I got to the plane, I had sort of gotten my life together, so I was able to use the antibacterial wipes to sanitize the seatbelt, armrests, tray table, and window shades without incident.

On my return trip, things were much smoother. The tray cover fit perfectly and I went through security confident that my items were not exposed to extra germs. Once I made it through the security checkpoint, I used the hand sanitizer and made my way to my gate. Once on the plane, it was easy to wipe everything down with the antibacterial wipes and relax on my flight home. The hand and face wipe was the perfect way to refresh my face after landing.


I wasn’t worried about germs between my mask and my Scumbag kit!

Scumbag can easily be ordered online, and I think it’s worth the $16 it costs. I did wish there was at least one additional security tray cover because I always need more than one tray—and they announced this week that there will be an extra one soon! But even without the extra tray cover, everything worked out just fine with me putting my electronics in the uncovered tray and using wipes on them afterward. I also love that the plastic pouch everything comes in makes for the perfect place to discard used wipes.

In any event, Scumbag has become part of my travel necessities moving forward. I will drop it in my personal item and be ready to use it for all of my upcoming travel.

Happy buying!

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