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Slim & Husky’s | Various Locations

slim and huskys

I initially found Slim & Husky’s on Instagram and started following them because I was planning a trip to Nashville and wanted to be sure to stop into one of their two locations in the city. My trip fell through, but all was not lost because I found out that a new Slim & Husky’s location was opening in Atlanta which has made my inner foodie really happy.

slim and husky's


Slim & Husky’s is all hip-hop and you can tell from the moment you walk into the door (even before, if you follow them on social media). Their Atlanta location, which opened late Spring 2019, is located on Howell Mill in West Midtown. The walls are covered with art by XPayne and music blasts from the speakers. You really can’t help but to bop your head a bit as you wait in line to order or while you eat your food.

slim and husky's


So “You Can Get With This” and order one of their signature pizzas or “You Can Get With That” and build your own. Either way, your pizza will be built right in front of you before it is placed on the conveyor oven. When I went, my order was timed perfectly so that it was coming out of the oven just as I finished paying. If you’d like to finish off your meal with a sweet treat, you can order a gourmet cinnamon roll at the register.

slim and husky's

I like my pizzas to have a little crunch and a little softness, and Slim & Husky’s nails it every time. You can choose from a number of sauce options: Classic Red Sauce, The White Sauce is Slammin, Spinach Basil Pesto, and/or a vegan Bean Ragu. I usually combine the red and pesto and am always so happy I did. There is just enough sauce on each piece that you can taste it without it overpowering your toppings. I usually get some variation of the Cee No Green which includes Ground Beef, Pepperoni, Hickory Smoked Bacon, Canadian Bacon and Italian Sausage.

Their cinnamon rolls are an experience. There are 5 options to choose from. I have tried the OG, which is a perfect combination of brown sugar and cream cheese, and the Cookie Monsta, which has white chocolate sauce and oreo and peanut butter crumbles. They are incredibly sweet, so I would definitely recommend sharing the box with at least one friend.

slim and husky's

They also serve alcoholic beverages which I have heard good things about but have not yet tried myself.


Pizzas come in Slim (12”) for $10 and Husky (16”) for $15. On Tuesdays, you can get a Husky for $10. I typically order a Husky and am satisfied after eating just half. Cinnamon rolls are 2 for $5 or 6 for $12. As I said, I can usually only eat one of those at a time.

During the 2019 Black Restaurant Week, they offered a Husky, 2 cinnamon rolls, and a drink for $15 which was a really good deal. I split the order with a friend, and we both walked away full.


Everyone I have encountered at Slim & Husky’s is pretty friendly. When I order online, my food is always ready for pick up at the designated time. The staff all appear to have good working relationships which seems to help create an enjoyable work experience.


I really like Slim & Husky’s, and I am excited to see them continue to expand. They have a Memphis location in the works and another Atlanta location planned. It’s good food, good vibes, and I’m here for it. Oh, and because you’ll see it everywhere, PREAM stands for Pizza Rules Everything Around Me.

Happy Buying!

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