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Sublime Doughnuts | Atlanta, GA

sublime doughnuts

I discovered Sublime Doughnuts at an office birthday celebration and have been ready for my next co-worker’s birthday ever since. Then I discovered that Sublime is a Black-owned doughnut shop, and I fell even more in love.


Sublime Doughnuts has two Atlanta-area locations: one in North Druid Hills and one on the edge of Georgia Tech’s campus. Both locations are open 24 hours. They have a third location in Bangkok, Thailand.

I have only had the pleasure of visiting the Georgia Tech location so far – although the Thailand location is now on my list. It is a good spot for a grab and go situation. If you’d like to enjoy your treats inside, you’re free to pull of a chair to any of their tables, but one may be hard to snag depending on the time of day.

Sublime doughnuts
Oreo, Nutella, & Ying Yang Twist

Food and Beverages:

I have yet to have a single Sublime doughnut that I did not like. And there are so many options, with new flavors introduced sporadically. I’m no doughnut aficionado, but I know what I like, and I like what Sublime has to offer. Most of their options are yeast doughnuts and are topped and filled with a delicious assortment of flavors such as Nutella, Smore’s, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. I am a big fan of the Oreo, which is topped with cookie pieces and filled with cream. They are perfect with a glass of milk which you can pick up right at Sublime.

If you are not in a doughnut mood, Sublime also serves a variety of rich and creamy ice cream flavors like Mango Moscato, Peach Riesling, and Butter Pecan Caramel. And if you’re in the mood for both, Sublime serves “burgers” – their take on the classic ice cream sandwich which is made with a variety of ice cream flavors housed between a sliced doughnut. Yum.

Sublime doughnuts
A doughnut sandwich and some chocolate milk. A delicious treat!


Individual doughnuts vary in price, but average around $3 each. A dozen go for about $25.


My experience with the staff behind the counter has always been very pleasant. Even if there is a bit of a line, they are patient as you make the hard decision of which flavor you want most.


Sublime Doughnuts offers 24 hours of deliciousness. I am a huge fan, and I highly recommend them.

Happy buying!

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