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Table25 Fork + Wine | Douglasville, GA

table 25 fork  and wine

I found this Black-owned restaurant during Atlanta’s Black Restaurant Week in September of 2020, which was not long after it opened.


About 25 miles west of downtown Atlanta in Douglasville, Table25 Fork and Wine sits in a strip with a financial firm and a hair salon nearby. The restaurant itself has the capacity for about 50 diners and is almost doubled by the size of the patio.

table 25 fork and wine
7475 Douglas Boulevard Suite 112

Each time I’ve gone, I’ve enjoyed the patio for a nice dinner and it has provided a comfortable, casual environment for great conversations without too much noise and heat or too many bugs—but having the lanterns lit does make a difference.

Food and Beverages:

Everything that I have ever ordered has been delicious to both my eyes and my belly. It comes out looking so good and it tastes just as good as it looks, if not better. There are so many options that sound so good and I have not made a bad choice yet.

There are a few options for appetizers, including some vegetarian and vegan options, but my favorite is the lobster eljean. I honestly would come just to have this lobster and lump crab dish that is battered and fried and drizzled with a lemon white wine sauce.

table 25 fork and wine
Lobster Eljean

For your main course, there are lighter options—like salads and bowls—and more substantial options—like lamb chops and filet mignon. For first time guests, I recommend the fried chicken with braised kale and smoked gouda mac. It’s pretty close to perfection, in my opinion. The chicken is crispy, the kale could be mistaken for someone’s collard greens, and the smoked gouda mac is possibly the best macaroni and cheese I’ve ever had at a restaurant. My current go-to order is the spinach feta chicken burger with fries and an added side of smoked gouda mac. Everything that I have seen coming out of the kitchen looks absolutely delicious, so you really can’t go wrong—unless you don’t order the smoked gouda mac.

table 25 fork and wine
Fried chicken, smoked gouda mac, and asparagus

I usually skip dessert because I am full from my meal, but I have tasted both the molten chocolate lava cake and the white chocolate grand marnier bread pudding and it’s a win for you either way.

In addition to the delicious food, I also really love the handcrafted cocktails at Table25. There are passion fruit mojitos and blueberry lemon drops and something called a midnight smash. They are all perfectly balanced and a great complement to a conversation over dinner.

table 25 fork and wine
Passion fruit mojito


Appetizers start at $8 for truffle fries and can cost up to $20 for the crab cakes. The main course options start at $11 and could be as much as $59 for the surf and turf. Additional sides are about $6 and desserts are about $10. The handcrafted cocktails average $12.

Just in case you’re interested in my order: the lobster eljean is $18, the spinach feta chicken burger is $14, plus an additional $6 for the added smoked gouda mac, and you can add another $12 for a passion fruit mojito or midnight smash.


Each time I’ve gone for dinner, I’ve been seated immediately. The servers at Table25 are fantastic. They are friendly, attentive without hovering, and make great recommendations. The food comes out in a reasonable time. I really don’t know what more you could want in your service.


Although it is still a fairly new restaurant, Table25 Fork + Wine is quickly becoming my favorite restaurant in the area. There are events on certain nights of the week that I haven’t participated in yet, but I imagine that a movie or karaoke or a comedy show would only enhance the experience here. I would definitely recommend that you check it out.

Happy buying!

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