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The Bean Bag Coffee & Tea Shop | Nashville, TN

the bean bag coffee and tea shop

When this Black-owned coffee and tea shop came up on an internet list while I was preparing for my trip to Nashville, and was then recommended to me by one of my followers, I knew I had to try it out during my trip.


Located in a little strip in the Antioch area of Nashville, The Bean Bag Coffee and Tea Shop is a cute spot and would be perfect for a chat with a friend or two. I especially love that the front is completely made of glass, so a lot of natural light comes into the shop.

Food and Beverages:

I’m not a coffee drinker, but I absolutely love their snickerdoodle coffee with a splash of amaretto creamer. It tastes just like the cookie, and I am here for it. The iced chai was the perfect slightly sweet treat on a hot day. The signature tea is absolutely delicious and has a little bit of a fruity flavor. It is available for sale as an iced tea kit (complete with sweetener!) or as a ready-made gallon.

the bean bag coffee and tea shop
Iced Chai Tea Latte

If you’re not in the mood for coffee or tea, you can choose a smoothie. Their sandwiches and pastries all looked delicious too.


Prices at The Bean Bag are pretty good. A large signature tea is 32 ounces and costs $6.50. You can also buy the iced tea kit or a ready-made gallon for $18.


On my very first visit, I arrived to find a note indicating that they would reopen about 10 minutes after my arrival. I decided to wait and was glad that I did. I was greeted warmly immediately when I entered the shop on both my visits. I was offered tea and coffee samples and a punch card on my first visit, just in case. The owner was very sweet and answered all my questions with ease.


The Bean Bag opened in February of 2019 and will have new (still Black) owners as of September 1. Some change may come along with new ownership, but, hopefully, not too much since I liked a lot of my experience with The Bean Bag Coffee and Tea Shop. I will definitely be back anytime I’m back in or around Nashville.

Happy buying!

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