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Honey pot

I first discovered The Honey Pot Company through the BLK + GRN podcast hosted by Dr. Kristian Henderson and the thought of a plant-based, Black-owned feminine care line created for women by women was intriguing. When I started seeing them EVERYWHERE on Instagram I knew I had to try them.


I started with their wipes and knew almost immediately that it would take a lot for me to go back to my old products. There was a refreshing tingling sensation and feeling of clean from the very first use. Beyond that, I felt good about the product. I’m not the type of person to carefully scrutinize every ingredient of everything I interact with, but I experienced a pleasant peace from knowing that everything in these wipes was natural and plant-based.

honey pot

Pads and Tampons:

After a couple weeks with the wipes, I had the opportunity to try the pads which come in three absorbencies: Regular, Super, and Overnight. They have changed the game for me. The pads have the same cooling sensation as the wipes, and it is kind of incredible. I have also noticed that my cramps have not been as intense since I started using them two months ago. My best friend, who started using The Honey Pot Company products around the same time as I did, has noticed the same thing and shared with me that

“The mintiness in these pads [is] DOING IT FOR ME. I wasn’t expecting it to be so strong, but I think that’s helping calm down my cramps. No meds yet and this is usually when I need them…[the cramps are] more nagging than painful…”

Although neither of us has tried the tampons yet, I would venture to guess that users will have a similar experience to the ones we have had with the pads.


After having such a positive experience with the other products I wanted to try their cleanser as well. It has not disappointed. As with the wipes, their cleanser is available in Normal, Sensitive, and Mommy-to-be, so your needs will be met through various stages of life. I use the normal cleansing system, and, as I have come to expect with The Honey Pot Company products, it leaves me feeling fresh and clean. The cleansers and wipes are intended to work in conjunction with one another as two parts of a system and they work well together. Before I started using the cleansing system, I had been experiencing some irritation and discomfort which is completely gone after a couple uses. I am a fan.

Honey pot


I purchased my Honey Pot feminine-care products from my local Target, but I encourage you to visit The Honey Pot Company website to check out their full line of products which includes a Soothing Body Balm which helps to soothe cramps and body aches, a Refreshing Panty Spray for when you want to feel fresh on the go, and a Moisturizing Water-Based Lubricant to enhance sexual experiences. If these products are anything like the ones I have tried, you want them in your life.

Happy Buying!

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